Are you a nature lover? You can help protect our forests by making this simple change.

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Do raindrops sound like music to you? Does the chirping of birds give you happiness? Does wandering into the greenery of Mother Nature excite you? Does petrichor (the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil) make you close your eyes in bliss and bring a smile to your face? If your answer to all these questions is a resounding “Yes”, then there is no doubt that you are a nature lover and the pleasure you feel when you are around nature is priceless.

But did you know that according to scientists at the Smithsonian Institution, land worth seven football fields is destroyed every minute to make more space for farm animals and the harvests that feed them? And did you know that despite their immense value, since the 1960s, nearly half of the world’s rainforests have been lost? Shocking, but true.

Going the plant-based way, de facto, can minimize the rate of deforestation. 26% of the land is globally used to raise livestock, and 33% for growing feed. Livestock is also known to consume the majority of the world’s crops. More than 50% of the world’s arable land is dedicated to livestock grazing or growing feed. Thus, as the world’s meat-eating population grows, the area of land needed to support this system will only grow with it. Since the planet isn’t exactly growing more land, the only way to make this happen is by chopping down trees to make way.

Ecosystems like the tropical rainforests of Brazil or the ancient pine forests in China are destroyed to satisfy the human addiction to meat. Around 80% of deforestation in the Brazilian region of the Amazon is caused by cattle ranching. The dire urge to consume meat and animals has led to the destruction of forests across the world. The Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations (FAO) states that livestock production is one of the major causes of the world’s most pressing environmental problems, including global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. Our appetite for meat is causing the demise of the environment, animals, and eventually, ourselves.

For the majority of human history, we have relied upon the natural environment to provide us with basic amenities like food, water, and shelter. Although we still depend upon the environment, most of the world’s population lives in towns and cities. The result is the separation of “people” from “nature.”

But if you truly LOVE nature, and if the thought of losing our precious forests gives you sleepless nights, then you have to act now! By simply making a change in your eating habits, you can make a huge difference and protect our precious forests!

Going plant-based might seem daunting, but don’t you worry! We are here to help you get started…Join our #21daychallenge to get started!

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