Beginner’s Guide

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Starting off on a new diet itself is very difficult and being vegan is a lot more than that, it’s a lifestyle change. So it’s natural to feel daunted. But worry not. We’ve got you covered! Here is a guide that will help you along the way.

What to buy? Where to buy from? You’ll get answers to these and a lot more, all in one place.

What is Vegan?

Being a Vegan means you abstain from using all the products that come from animals, especially food. Meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products are all excluded from a Vegan diet.

Tips during the transition

  1. Take it easy! Start with a couple of small steps, like a Meatless Monday challenge at home, or switching one of your daily meals to a meatless and dairy-free option.
  2. Start with dishes you know and love. One handy place to start is by looking at some of your favourite dinner recipes and thinking about how you might adapt them to be meatless and dairy-free.
  3. Make your own dairy substitutes. Homemade dairy substitutes are creative, fun, and cost-effective, and they’re a big step up from what you can find in the store.
  4. Make vegan food for everyone.
  5. Find community. Food is all about community and sharing, so do your best to share this lifestyle with people you care about – even if they’re not making the change along with you.
  6. Do as much as you can. Just because you can’t go all the way, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything.


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