The Plant-Based Advantage

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There is a direct correlation between the food you consume, the environment, the protection of animals, and your health. Here are three compelling reasons why you should embrace a plant-based diet today!

Your body will thank you for it

If you have been struggling with finding a diet that will aid you in your weight loss journey, plant-based is the way to go! According to a Canadian study, eating 3/4th cup of beans, peas, lentils, or chickpeas every day for 6 weeks will result in weight loss – even if you don’t cut down on the rest of your calories. Try it for yourself by taking the #PlantsArePowerChallenge and get a free daily diet plan delivered to your inbox for 21 days.

According to the American Heart Association, the switch to a plant-based diet from an animal-based one can reduce the risk of a stroke or heart disease by 20%! If that isn’t enough, a study in Japan has found that people that have embraced a vegetarian lifestyle have witnessed a significant reduction in their blood pressure. The study unequivocally concludes that a plant-based diet can be prescribed as a natural treatment for those suffering from elevated blood pressure.

It is better for the environment

By 2050, it is estimated that there will be 10 billion people on the planet, and scientists are scrambling to find a diet plan that can accommodate this growth. Even a slight increase in the consumption of red meat or dairy can see a catastrophic increase in the production of greenhouse gases and the usage of water. In addition to the increase in the consumption of natural resources, the byproduct of the increase in meat production is the release of climate changes causing gases.

While the recommendation to embrace a plant-based diet is not new, scientists are calling for a ‘Great Food Transformation’. If every individual in the world embraces a plant-based diet or commits to meat reduction, not only will it decrease the production of toxic gases but there will be an increase in overall food production and quality of life. This switch can bridge the gap between the estimated population explosion and food requirements.

Animals will be better off

Arguably one of the most gratifying side effects of embracing a plant-based diet is the lives of animals you will save. The decrease in demand levels of meat will help give animals reared for husbandry the life they deserve – free and happy. You can enjoy meals guilt-free, knowing that you have not contributed towards the suffering and torture of other living beings.

Take a step towards a better future and a better you and take up the Plants are Power Challenge today!


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